About  Us

About Us

J ason Jerome is the instructor of North Idaho Commercial Driver Education, NICDE. He has been teaching driver education in the Rathdrum area since 2002. Jason has served on the IAPDB and IBOL boards as President and many other positions helping to implement rules and regulations to private driver education. He brings a ton of experience to the table. Our goal is to develop safe Idaho drivers.

On a personal note, NICDE is a family run business. Jason's wife, Amy is the administrative lead for NICDE as well as part time driving instructor. Their oldest daughter, Ashlei, also helps with behind the wheel training. Jason enjoys coaching wrestling at Timberlake High School, training horses and spending time with his 4 children.

The principle objective of driver education is to prepare students for the serious task of driving a motor vehicle.

The specific goals include:

  • To develop the physical and mental skills necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely and economically.
  • To inform students of the laws governing the operation and ownership of a motor vehicle.
  • To acquaint students with driving techniques and strategies for avoiding collisions and for dealing with emergencies.
  • To build students' perpetual and decision making skills.
  • To make students aware of their responsibility for safe vehicle operation, including the use of safety belts and the avoidance of alcohol and other drugs.
  • To encourage an attitude of cooperation with other highway users, including pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, and other drivers.