Teen Program

Teen Program

Program Requirements:

The student must be 14 ½ years old

A permit must be purchased prior to the desired class date

Thirty hours of classroom with a state-licensed driving school

Six hours of behind-the-wheel and six hours of observation

Six months of driving (40 day time hours and 10 night time hours) with an adult over the age of 21 is required after completing the program and before being eligible for a driver's license or the age of 17.

A skills test with a certified driving instructor must be completed before eligibility for a driver's license

A written test from the DMV is required prior to obtaining a driver's license

Parent Involvement: It is very important that parents take a role in their teen drivers education. It is mandatory that a parent/legal guardian drive with their teen for a 6 month duration after completing our program. We understand that modern day parents have busy schedules and it is hard to fit driving time in with your teen. But we know that even the small drives from here to there are crucial to developing good driving skills. Please take time out of your busy schedules to help make your student driver safe and courteous. It is one of the best investments you will ever make.

A total of 30 hours of online instruction

You can start your class at any time once a permit is purchased/p>

You can work at your own pace

A permit must be purchased prior to beginning the program

DO NOT go to driversed.com directly to pay for the course, we pay the $100.00 fee for you, we will provide you an access code to log on to the program

Online instruction must be 100% complete before drives can be scheduled

One drive per week can be scheduled upon completion of online instruction

Be sure to read the "Terms of Service" when enrolling